European University

In Armenia

The European University of Armenia was established in 2001 by higher education institutions, including the University of Marseille in France and the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

European University of Armenia is a member of the EURASHE Association. The association has 500 prestigious universities from 40 countries. The bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees of the member universities of this association are approved by each other.

The name of this higher education center was changed from the European Regional Higher Education Academy to the European University in Armenia in 2018 due to the change of the higher education law of European countries.


  • Higher education with high quality European standards.
  • Joint units with more than 400 European universities in the world.
  • Reasonable cost compared to European countries to continue education.
  • Approved university degrees in more than 40 countries.
  • Approved documents of this university in Iran.

Why Armenia

Armenia is probably the biggest innovation powerhouse you’ve never heard of, which is why so many people are surprised by the results they achieve when they work with Armenians and Armenian companies. Nestled snugly on Europe’s far eastern frontier and the far western end of the old Silk Road, Armenia for millennia has been at the crossroads of cultural trends, intellectual thought, groundbreaking research, and incredible inventions. Also:

  • Reasonable cost compared to European countries.
  • Easy transportation and proximity to Iran
  • Culture close to the people of Asia, Iran and wonderful climate.

Available Courses