Regarding to following citizens

India – Bangladesh – Nigeria – Ghana – Côte d’Ivoire – Togo – Ethiopia – Egypt – Morocco –  Tunisia – Sri Lanka – Sierra Leone



1. The original High school diploma with legalization
2. Original Transcripts with legalization
3. Passport copy
4. CV
5. Color photos 6 pc. in 3*4 size
6. Request form (which we will send later)
7. Passport translation into Armenian (by Armenian notaries),
-> (you should translate your passport into Armenian already being in Armenia)
8. Medical certificate (confirmed by EUA)
-> If you live in Armenia and you are registered in the local medical clinic, you can take your medical certificate yourself from your clinic
-> If you come from other country, after you bring us your passport translation, we will give a special medical blanc for checkup, the result of which the clinic will send us.

Fill the forms and prepare all the documents required and mentioned in page “APPLY” on this website.

The University has to prepare your documents and apply to the Ministry of Education for the registration and approval.

After the documents are approved, the university will send an official Pre-Admission letter, student contract and bank payment details to the applicant.

The contract must be signed by an applicant and the latter should make 2024-2025 academic year (two semesters) payment and send bank receipt to the university.

The University will send the Official Invitation Letter to the Armenian Embassy in Egypt or India, China, UAE depending on your choice, and Official Admission Letter to the applicant.

After getting Armenian visa, an applicant has to arrange his/her visit to Armenia within 3 weeks.

The applicants have to bring all the above-mentioned documents with themselves.

After arriving to Armenia, the applicant has to come to the University directly the next working day.

Full-time 2 Diplomas BA program tuition fee is 1.206.000 AMD for the 1st course (duration 4 years) approximately 3.200$ per year
1st course-1,206,000 AMD
2nd couse-1,212,000 AMD
3nd couse-1,212,000 AMD
4th couse-1,212,000 AMD

• Full-time MA program tuition fee is 960.000 AMD per year (duration 2 years)
approximately 2.550$ per year

• Vocational preparatory language course (German, English, French, Russian etc.) tuition fee is 600.000 AMD (duration 1 year) approximately 1600$ per year

• Part-time BA program tuition fee for the 1st course is 696.000 AMD per year (duration 5 years) approximately 1850$ per year
1st course-696 ,000 AMD
2nd couse-950,400 AMD
3nd couse-969,600 AMD
4th couse-969,600 AMD

-> (studying in part-time program, each semester you will come to classes only 3 weeks in November and 3 weeks in March, you will have final exams in January and June)

  1. The Education is on payable system in all degrees.
  2. The University doesn’t give funds.
  3. The University accepts if any foundation pays for students. 
  4. If the applicants are rejected to get the invitation visa, the University will send back the 85% of their transferred money.

Download the filled sample of “REQUEST” and  “APPLICATION FORM”.
The highlighted parts (yellow) should be fill accordingly to student’s information.

Click for download.

Click for download.
Application Form